Seeing Eye Pups a Staple Part of Local Business

Art with Palmer (Golden Retriever) and Maxwell (German Shepard) behind the counter at Cartridge World Morris Plains.
Art with Palmer (Golden Retriever) and Maxwell (German Shepard) behind the counter at Cartridge World Morris Plains.

Kathleen and Art Petitt own a Cartridge World business in Morris Plains and have quickly become known as “the store with the dogs.” The Petitts became involved with the Morristown Seeing Eye Program to give back to the community and fulfill desires for a family pet. As part of the program, the family signs on to train a seven month old pup for 13-15 weeks; either a Golden Retriever, a Labrador or a German Shepard. They attend weekly training classes and are required to expose the dogs to as many experiences as possible to get them ready for their duties as a Seeing Eye dog.

Since joining the program, the Petitts have trained a total of four dogs, each of which have become a staple part of their Cartridge World business. The dogs are brought to their store daily to interact with the customers and learn to be around people in different environments, also attending events around the city for Cartridge World representation.  After learning about the Petitts philanthropy many customers come to the store looking to learn more about what services they offer, and some maybe just to pet the cute pups.

“Partaking in this program not only benefits me personally, I also see a benefit in the business,” stated Art, co-owner of Cartridge World of Morris Plains. “People throughout the community recognize our store as being a part of such a great organization and that recognition coincides with our business model to give back to the community in any way we can.”

After the Petitts go through the training course with the pups, they are given back to the Morristown Seeing Eye Program for their next phases of training. Here the dogs partake in rigorous medical examinations as well as both rural and urban physical and behavioral training to see which eligible person with which they’ll match the best.

Each of the four dogs the Petitts have trained has since had an amazing journey. The first, a black lab named Orbit, has completed the program and was matched through the Morristown Seeing Eye Program and now resides in Ohio. The second, a Golden Retriever named Palmer, has become the resident trainer at Cartridge World after being adopted by the Petitt family. The third, a German Shepard named Maxwell, has shifted his career and is now being trained through an agency to become a bomb detection dog. Finally, Don the black lab has just entered his second phase of training through the program.

Residents of Morris Plains will continue to see the brand representative pups throughout the store as the Petitts continue the program. Other ways Cartridge World gives back to the community is through its recycling program to remanufacture used cartridges, saving the community money and environmental damage.

To learn more about your local Cartridge World location, please visit http://www.cartridgeworld.com/Morris-Plains-NJ/07950-0498/

Michelle Barlak December 09, 2013 at 02:48 PM
This should say "As part of the program, the family signs on to train a seven WEEK old pup for 13-15 MONTHS" -the puppies stay with their volunteer puppy raisers for about a year. We need more puppy raisers. Please contact The Seeing Eye if you are interested in raising one of our puppies! Visit SeeingEye.org for more information. -Michelle Barlak, The Seeing Eye


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