Celebrating Sports and Soda on Craigslist

Also, find inner peace through the telephone.

What's good on Craigslist in the Morristown area this week?

  1. Ma Bell Provides Inner Peace: It may be counterproductive should this Tibetan Phone Bell attachment puts you into such a state of Zen that you couldn't possibly answer the phone for fear it would break your zone. If that sounds like a great idea, dig up $70 and get in touch with this seller.
  2. If the Power Goes Out Again: Bite our tongues, but maybe an antique matchstick holder—for quick access to those matches you'll need to light those hurricane lanterns—is the perfect Christmas gift. The seller is looking for $10 each.
  3. Celebrating Sports and Soda: Whether it's the $10 set of Ronald McDonald promotional glasses from 1977 or the $5 set of promotional glasses from Mobil in 1992 that "celebrated the New York Giants and Coca Cola," you'll be drinking your beverages in style.
  4. Free and Free Delivery? Have we died and gone to freebie heaven? Even if you don't need 50 tulip logs, this guy's going to deliver them—for free—anywhere within 10 miles of Morristown. We're losing our minds!
  5. (Short) Shaft! This isn't that exciting, but we couldn't resist a (admittedly weak) Shaft reference. Shut yo' mouth.



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