Changing of the Seasons on Craigslist

What chilly-weather goods are your neighbors selling?

If you're reading this when it posts on Friday, Oct. 5 you may wonder what we're smoking. It's understandable, considering the nearly-80-degrees temps outside.

But, in just two days, any potential sunbathers are in for a rude awakening, as the temperature is expected to drop into the lower 50s. Brrr!

Which, of course, gave us a good excuse to put together this post.

  1. Rosebud ... We Mean, Speedaway: Here is a vintage 1950s-1960s "Speedaway" sled this seller notes could make a nice addition to one's "man cave." We disagree, such pieces are meant to be used, speeding away downhill. Either way, it's $69.
  2. Safety First! Be sure to separate your fire from your self with this fireplace grate, selling for $99.
  3. Let it Snow: Later this month, we'll celebrate the one-year anniversary of that freak October snowstorm that whacked Morristown last year. Could lightning strike twice? Why not hedge your bets and be ahead of the game by picking up this Craftsman-brand snowblower, selling for $450.
  4. MEGAHEAT: This seller has two "MEGAHEAT" kerosene heaters selling for $125 each. Kerosene heat reminds us of winters in our grandfather's workshop. Just make sure you remember to turn off the fuel!
  5. Memories of Zebu Forno: We miss our old stomping grounds. And, this item, a commercial-grade upright broiler selling for $550, reminded us of how damn hot that place got when they were cooking pizzas! R.I.P.


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