Garage Reinforces No Motorcycle Policy, But Still Allows Bikers

Facility manager says signage is there for safety reasons, and garage will still treat motorcycles like standard vehicles.

The newly-posted sign at LAZ Parking in the Morristown Hyatt. Photo Courtesy Janet Hemmer.
The newly-posted sign at LAZ Parking in the Morristown Hyatt. Photo Courtesy Janet Hemmer.

A sign has gone up in the parking garage of Morristown Hyatt alerting drivers that motorcycles are prohibited to park there, and has drawn the ire of some bikers.

The sign, however, is reinforcing a long-standing policy in the garage that prohibits two-wheel motorized vehicles from going through the gate and obtaining a ticket, according to facility manager Mike Abdelmessih.

“There’s a warning sign on the gates,” Abdelmessih said, noting that the policy has been in place for nearly 20 years. “The issue isn’t with motorcycles parking here – we’ll accommodate bikers – it’s about safety.”

The garage is managed by LAZ Parking, which has overseen the facility for three years. Abdelmessih said when a motorcycle stops to obtain a ticket for entry or stops to pay and leave, the sensor often does not recognize the weight of the vehicle, making for a potential safety hazard. The bar that goes up and down allowing vehicles through will become erratic and could come down on a motorcyclist as he or she tries to pass through.

There are no revenue-controlled systems in the country that can properly sense a motorcycle, Abdelmessih said. The system has three sensors, he said, and when a motorcycle is trying to go through the ticket and control-arm process, the middle sensor does not realize the vehicle is there. With a car or small truck, the length of the vehicle guarantees constant motion on two of the sensors simultaneously.

While the posted sign states motorcycles are prohibited altogether – and could result in towing – Abdelmessih says it’s more of a precaution than anything, and the garage is more than happy to help bikers.

“If (bikers) come to the main office and check in with us, we’ll accommodate them with no problem and charge the regular fee,” he said. “But we’ve been having an issue with drivers going around the gates, not paying, and, again, it’s a liability.”

The garage also accommodates bicycles with racks and parking is free for non-motorized vehicles. Abdelmessih said the motorcycle policy is the same as all other garages in town. Bikers at LAZ Parking facility can prepay for their spot and still use the garage, though.

Abdelmessih said the garage is overhauling its signage throughout the facility and users will notice more postings and policies. 


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