12/12/12/12 Baby Welcomed at Morristown Medical

Maxxim James Orlick, of Manville, born at noon on this rare day.

New Year's Baby? Millenium Baby? That's nothing.

At Morristown Medical Center, it was all about the 12/12/12 Baby.

But, even that was not enough for this once in a Gregorian Calendar occasion for Maxxim James Orlick, of Manville, born at noon, Dec. 12, 2012.

Yup, 12/12/12/12. That should be pretty easy to remember.

Pamela Garretson, public relations for Morristown Medical Center, noted mom Jillian was scheduled for a Cesarean section at 11 a.m. but, "the operating room was running slightly behind, so her baby was born exactly at 12," she said.

Both mom and son, as well as father Dustin and big brother Jackson are doing well. In total, the maternity ward at MMC welcomed more than a dozen (another 12!) babies into the world on this rare day. 


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