Parents Spar in Morris Teen's Lawsuit

Jeff Kitzmiller, the father of Rachel Canning's boyfriend, says his family is being dragged into ordeal and will have chance to speak at April 22 hearing.

The nasty case of a Morris County teen suing her parents for living expenses and Catholic school tuition just got a little big uglier.

Rachel Canning, a Lincoln Park 18-year-old and senior at Morris Catholic High School, sued her parents on an emergent basis for more than $600 per week in child support while she stays at a friend’s home in Rockaway Township.

Her parents, Sean and Elizabeth Canning, say the teen left on her own back in October. Rachel Canning says she was kicked out.

A piece of the puzzle that led to the separation back in the fall of 2013, according to court documents, was the teen’s boyfriend, Lucas Kitzmiller. In written testimony, Elizabeth Canning said Kitzmiller’s parents routinely drove her daughter home at all hours of the night while she was drunk, and facilitated underage drinking. Moreover, the mother said, since Rachel Canning began dating Kitzmiller, all she has wanted to do is drink and party on weekends.

Kitzmiller’s dad, Jeff, has fired back.

In an interview with The Daily Mail on dailymail.co.uk, Jeffery Kitzmiller said the Cannings barely know his son, only engaging once in a single handshake, and that “they made their decision about him from that.” 

“If you read the court papers you can see the trend is with every boyfriend she’s had it’s always the boyfriend who’s the bad influence,” Kitzmiller told the website. “We have been dragged into this.”

Kitzmiller is a technical manager at Honeywell in Morristown, according to his LinkedIn profile. The family lives in Mine Hill.

On Tuesday, Judge Peter Bogaard, sitting in Morristown, ruled against Rachel Canning in her request for emergent financial needs. The teen currently is housed in Rockaway Township at the home of her friend, who is the daughter of the township’s former mayor and current Parsippany-Troy Hills attorney John Inglesino. 

A second hearing was scheduled for April 22 in which Kitzmiller will be able to speak, according to the report. 

utoh March 10, 2014 at 03:39 PM
Shame on you Mr. and Mrs. Ingelsino! Stay out of other families issues this does not belong in court, your an attorney did you read the parental rights law. Parents have the right to raise their children as they see fit, end of story. She was NOT a abused. Third parities need to stay out of other peoples LOVING families including courts, and government agencies who rip children from good loving families. Don't think it can't happen to you, this very court took our son and sent him out of state to a third party who petitioned the court for his custody, this person was arrested for assault! It was done against the hospitals recommendations and against the parents wishes, we were told BY THIS COURT to shut up and sit down with absolutely NO accusations of abuse or neglect. Our son was 15 and lost his first girlfriend. He was taken because we were trying to get him help for his depression. It is happening all over this country and it has got to stop! Parents now have to be afraid to take their children to a hospital without worrying they might be ripped from their family. We didn't see our son until he was an adult! THAT SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN IN THIS COUNTY. There may be problems with this family, the girl is at a highly emotional age, the boyfriends family needed to stay out of it. Mr. Ingelsino your disgusting ripping this family apart. I applaud the judge this belongs in family counseling. The parents owe her nothing. Our son was a cash cow for the people who took him from his sibliings and family. He was 15 emotional and wanted to do what he wanted, we had rules. We were guiding our son to his future, now he is unemployed and struggling, he never lived with his sister born after he was taken from us and was torn from growing up with his brother. How was that justified I couldn't tell you but I know first hand the horrible effects of some judges decisions to interfere in families in ways they have absolutely no right to do. The pain and cost to our family was devastating. We never gave up but our prayer were never answered. I pray no other family ever goes through what ours did.


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