Musical Siblings Will Duet at Morristown's Got Talent!

The brother and sister team of Stasz and Junia Klinge-Loy to play Vittorio Monti's "Czardas."

For Stasz and Junia Klinge-Loy, music is in their blood.

“Music kind of runs in the family,” said Stasz. “It was my mother who first put the violin in my hands.”

That was when Stasz was only three years old. He and his sister Junia, who has been playing the piano for 11 years, will perform a piano and violin duet at next week’s Morristown’s Got Talent! competition.

“We decided to try out when we saw that last year’s winner was a violinist,” Junia said.

When it came to choosing a song, Stasz and Junia had a strategy in common with fellow contestant : YouTube.

“We saw a YouTube video of Vittorio Monti's ‘Czardas’ being performed by Victor Borge as an improvised encore after a concert. What came out was fantastic,” Stasz said. “It’s a fun piece.”

Even though the siblings chose to perform a lighter number, both are taking the competition seriously.

“I try to practice every day,” said Junia.

Junia’s practice schedule is especially impressive, given that the home-schooled 14 year-old has so many other interests.

“I’m a tap dancer too, and I love writing and history,” she said. “Piano is more of a hobby than a profession for me.”

Stasz, on the other hand, in interested in pursuing music as a career. After attending Juilliard’s Prep Division for seven years, he is now attending Mannes College, a classical music conservatory that is affiliated with The New School.

Stasz and Junia each has a strong musical background, but performing in competitions is a new endeavor. “I’ve never competed before,” said Junia.

“I think this is the first large event for both of us,” said Stasz, who sometimes plays gigs in New York City.

According to Stasz, one of the perks of performing in Morristown–as opposed to New York–is the opportunity to have plenty of local family members and friends attend the show.

But at least one audience member in the Klinge-Loys’ cheering section is definitely not local.

“Our uncle, who is a conductor, is visiting from Chile,” Junia said.

Should they win the big prize at the end of the evening, Junia already has ideas for how to spend the cash.

“I promised my mother an iPod touch,” said Junia. “And I’m saving up for recording studio equipment and my parents’ anniversary gift.”

Stasz has other plans. “Maybe we’ll get some meat for a barbecue, invite some people over,” said Stasz.

The Klinge-Loys will be the last act of the evening, and Stasz admits that there will be some butterflies once the two finally take the stage.

Luckily, there will be more than just butterflies in the contestants’ stomachs.

“They feed us,” Stasz said, “which is exciting.”


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