The Talent Takes the Stage Tonight

Morristown's Got Talent is finally upon us.

It's finally here.

Almost two months after , months after tryouts, and some time since our very first of our series of profiles on all the participants, the fifth-annual Morristown's Got Talent is finally upon us.

So, in honor of this event (on Leap Day no less!), here are a few items to note before the big shew (as Ed Sullivan might have said):

  1. You Need to Know Morristown's Got Talent is Sold Out: So, if you were hoping to get tickets at the door, you're out of luck. But, , you never know; someone may have had to cancel late!
  2. You Need to Know Morristown Patch Will Be There: Sorry, but we're not going to give up our tickets. Although, we will be shooting plenty of photos of the event, and live-tweeting during the evening!
  3. You Need to Know About Who This Benefits: Sure, it's a fun night out, but it's also for a good cause. This is, after all, the Morris Educational Foundation's main fundraiser.
  4. You Need to Know About Our Ongoing Coverage: If you haven't followed our ongoing profiles of every act this year, check it out now
  5. You Need to Know There's Always Next Year: Is all of this MGT Madness getting you jealous you didn't try out? Be sure to stay connected, as tryouts for the next Morristown's Got Talent will be back sooner than you think.


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