1980 Wants Ski Pants, and More on Craigslist

What are your neighbors selling so cheap that it's free?

It's not that some stuff is unsellable, it's that your neighbors are so generous they want to share that generosity with complete strangers on Craigslist by giving away their junk they no longer need.

  1. Free Treadmill: The treadmill's free, the belt's going to cost you (unless you can find one also for free on Craigslist).
  2. Free Plaid Couches: And, the giver-awayer was nice enough to post a photo of him sitting on one of them, just to prove he wasn't dumping off garbage. That was nice.
  3. 'Totally Free' Wood: Nothing more, nothing less. We couldn't think of anything funny (to us) to include with this.
  4. Take a Voyage on the 'Raging Sea:' Almost a quart of Sherwin-Williams-brand paint is up for grabs. The giver-awayer decided against the "Raging Sea" color scheme, which you can check out by clicking the link.
  5. 1980 Called: It wants these pants back. Obviously, this lister loves these retro ski pants so much as to be able to joke about them. But, alas, he can no longer fit into them. Are you a skiier? Or, just annoyingly ironic? You may want to get in touch.


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