A New Workplace for a New Worker

Morristown Workplaces open on Madison Avenue.

The modern workplace is changing. Just look at Patch as an example.

But, it isn't just the "mobile office," it's the global economy that has altered the business space landscape.

The creators behind Morristown Workplaces hope to fill in the niche that has been created by such technological tools as the Internet.

Opened earlier this year on the second floor of the the Morristown Plaza building, this brand new 10,000 square foot office is the little brother of Symphony Workplaces, which has operated at Headquarters Plaza since 1988.

The difference between the two, however, noted Morristown Workplaces President Michael Perrino, is Symphony represents a more traditional office rental space. A lawyer may have his office there, for example. And, while Morristown Workplaces has that ability, as well, it also has hourly spaces that can be used simply as a place to work, as a place to bring clients, as a place of their own that's not exactly their own. Because, the office just isn't what it used to be.

"This is the trend of how people are working going forward," Perrino said, "as opposed to the traditional shared space."

"People are much more mobile," said office manager Abbey Mohr. "It's a challenge for the mobile entrepeneur. You need a place to go to get away from distractions, to represent yourself and to present the right image for your business. We've done all that."

From the moment someone steps out of the elevator, a sign welcomes them that does not say "Morristown Workplaces," but the name of the person renting the office, or the client they are expecting. Perrino noted "Morristown Workplaces" branding is kept to a minimum. "No matter the level of your membership, this is your spot."

That membership can range from a simple mailbox with that 163 Madison Ave. identification, to a deluxe suite big enough for 10-16 employees, with multiple offices, on six-month or two-year contracts.

For a $100 a year fee, a client can access the facility for hourly use, at $12 an hour, 24 hours a day. Services range from $90 a month, to thousands. 

Where Symphony Workplaces is more traditional, Morristown Workplaces is positioning itself for the changing workplace. "We complement each other," Mohr said. 

"Drop in, get to work," Perrino said. "Hospitality comes to business."

For more information on Morristown Workplaces, visit their website.

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