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Anatomy of a Cake: Sweet Lucy's Bakery

What exactly is fondant anyway?

The short, easy answer to the above question is: Edible Play-Doh.

That, according to Tracey Silverman, owner of Sweet Lucy's Bakery, who showed Patch the inner-workings of just how one of those intricate design cakes go from sugar and flour to a work-of-art.

The trick to getting the sweet substance—which either consists primarily of sugar and water for a poured product, or add ingredients like gelatin for a rolled consistency—to stick properly to a product is, at least here, vodka.


"It dries faster than water," said Morristown resident Sara Francella, who has worked at Sweet Lucy's since it opened early last year. But, don't worry, this isn't drinking vodka, it's the kind that comes at the lowest possible price, in a large plastic bottle.

If you're looking for some kind of special designed cake that requires extra time and effort, look to pay a little extra, at least $50. 

Check out the photos for some of the bakery's latest creations.


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