Antique Rockers That Are Not Iggy Pop

Also, who wouldn't want a pay phone and six-foot hand-carved wooden gargoyle in their living room?

Is it already Friday? This makes us happy here at "Morristown for Sale," because it gives us an excuse to once again delve deep into the Craigslist catacombs and find out what's fun, fashionable, far out, fetching, formidable ... uh, frappuccino?

  1. An Antique Rocker? Well, a nice chair to sit on can be quite relaxing, especially when it's being sold for $125. But, we thought you were talking about this antique rocker. Our mistake.
  2. We Just Like Saying 'Stropper:' Stropper, stropper, stropper. Isn't it just such a fun word to say? And, if you pick up this lovely little item for $25, you'll get to say it and have a reason to say it! Oh, yeah, it also, you know, strops your razors. Can someone remind us what "stropping" is again?
  3. Helping a Neighbor Out: We don't think we'd be out of line here in saying "Gail," the seller of these pay phones, has something of a tough sell on her hands. Which is probably why . We also don't think it would be out of line to help her out by reposting her latest attempt to unload these things. Hey, c'mon, Hipsters. Can't you imagine having one of these ironically in your loft?
  4. Cheap as Free Alert: For those that like their sandboxes with seats (and, apparently, that defy gravity), here's one that's just begging to be given away.
  5. And, Next We Have–OH MY GOD, WHAT IS THAT: This pretty little hand-carved six-foot wooden gargoyle doesn't have a price listed, and you know what that means. Like the fancy restaurant that makes you wear a shirt and shoes, if you have to ask the price, you can't afford it.


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