Building Bridges Instead of Barriers Via Craigslist

English/Spanish language exchanges, sweet pinball machines on the 'Morristown for Sale' menu this week.

Some of the best things in life are free. They're also non-functioning computers. Some things cost a lot but, man, they're pinball machines. And, some things, like learning another language, are pretty priceless.

  1. They Don't Work, But, Hey, They're Free: These freebies are definitely for the tech geek in need of an afterhours project, not someone in the market for a second computer. This Craigslist giver-awayer is giving away two desktops and one notebook but, "none of these machines are 'ready for primetime,'" they note.
  2. For Any Future Dive Bar Owner: Maybe it's "vintage" as this seller indicates. Maybe it's just old and rusty. Either way, one things is true: this old commerical hand dryer from "a New York City business" would certainly garner comments. $65 and it's yours. No indication, however, if it even works.
  3. 'Pictures for Office:' Or, you can buy them and hang in your house for a little extra motivation. $30 each, or you can take them all off this motivated seller's hands for $240.
  4. Enter a Theatre of Maaaaaagic: No, not Clearview Cinema, though we had a pretty good seat for Skyfall. . But, really, the big grandpapa is the pinball machine. We did a little extra research. This one, "Theatre of Magic," was released in 1995. There were 6,600 units produced and its marketing slogans included "enter into a new age of pinball" and "it's got that magic touch." And, for $5,300, you can touch it, too. You also can buy it.
  5. Building Bridges Instead of Barriers: We're not blind here at Morristown Patch. We see the comments. We hear the conversations around town. There is, for many, a language barrier—on both sides. So, instead of being confused, or complaining, or complacent, at least one person appears interested in building a bridge between English and Spanish. Under the Craigslist "barter" section, this person is "Looking to exchange English for Spanish Lessons." We think that's pretty darn bueno.





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