Finding Fun in Many Forms on Craigslist

Whether it's classic literature, an afternoon bike ride with the kids, or overpriced videogame systems, you'll find it via Morristown sellers.

Let's have some fun this week on "Morristown for Sale." How do you define fun? Is it inside? Outside? Is it athletic? Or, unashamedly introverted? Options abound in the Morristown area via Craigslist.

  1. Take a Piece of The Famished Frog Home: No, they're not closing. They got a new pool table. So, this foosball table is up for grabs. $800 and she's yours.
  2. Uhh ... No: As an unapologetic game geek, I must call out this poster for trying to gouge fellow game geeks who may be so excited for Nintendo's brand new gaming console, Wii U, that they would be willing to drop an additional $150 above the asking price. While there have been shortages, it's widely understood that, no, this is not like the shortage issue in 2006 with the original Wii. Also, gaming giant Gamestop has noted they have systems available for the regular price
  3. But, If You Cannot Help Yourself: This gaming chair, at only $35, might help take the edge off paying so much for that Wii U.
  4. Or, Ditch the Videogames Altogether: Get your kids outside instead of in front of the television by hooking up this Trek-brand bike trailer to your sweet ride. The seller is asking $100.
  5. But, If You Absolutely Refuse to Go Outside: Why not settle in with a collection of Mad Comics from 1966 to 1994? See what gave people the yuks way back when. No prices listed, seller wants those interested to make an offer.


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