Lawsuit Claims Morris Plains Ignored Affordable Housing Law

M&M seeking court approved builder's remedy on 63-acre property.

The developer of a proposed 800-unit residential complex in Morris Plains is suing the borough for allegedly failing to meet state obligations to provide affordable housing, according to Law360.

The lawsuit was filed in Morris County Superior Court on Jan. 29, Law360 reported.

M&M Realty Partners purchased land in August on the former Pfizer property to develop a mixed residential and retail complex. A representative of the Morris School District Board of Education said the complex had the potential to increase the borough's population by 25 percent.

The building process for the property was expected to be lengthy, as significant environmental work was needed on the property. The property is located in a flood plain on the west side of Route 53.

Al Krotoff February 07, 2013 at 03:48 PM
So that is how M&M starts off on the right foot, by suing the town for Mt. Laurel requirements? Why? I hope the MP environmental commission gets involved with this project to make sure that they follow all regulations and that the LSRP process is followed to a T! So the town is going to waste money on lawyers because M&M wants to push the town around? Best thing M&M should do is sell, or donate, this property to the town for open space, ball fields and basketball courts. Looks like indoor basketball courts are at a premium, rec schedules have reduced games from 40 to 32 min. and total games from 10 to 5 because there are no courts available. And the town doesn't need new neighbors like this anyway.
mike February 07, 2013 at 07:56 PM
How can the town schools absorb 25% more students. The taxes are so high, may as well build our own high school.
val February 08, 2013 at 02:13 PM
How can M&M sue for on a residential issue when the property is not a residential zone?
orbit7er April 02, 2013 at 03:13 PM
The plans for a strip mall less than a mile from the existing Main Street businesses in Morris Plains shows the developers are already in contempt of the current residents and small business owners in Morris Plains. 800 units with 800 parking spaces is another disaster waiting to happen. Transit oriented development close to train stations as in Morristown is a good idea. But this is just a scheme to make more money for the developers, destroy the wetlands, swamp the schools and sewage system, wreak havoc on Route 53 traffic unless provisions are made to get to Morris Plains Main street and the 28 weekday trains already cut to Morris Plains since 2008 are restored. Along with restoring the 100% of Hoboken weekend trains cut since 2006. For Transit oriented development you need frequent transit, you need safe sidewalks and bikeways and probably you need shuttle service. As currently planned this is a disaster waiting to happen with the current taxpayers and residents and small businesses in Morris Plains picking up the tab for all the downstream costs.


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