Morristown Organizations Not OK With Being in Iron Bar Promotional Video

Film shot to support business's proposal for new restaurant, consent not given by hospital and condo board.

Shoot first, ask questions later.

Or not at all.

That’s what the owners of the Iron Bar did when shooting a promotional video that was presented to the Morristown Council earlier in June, and did not ask for the consent of two Morristown organizations to be part of the film who’s buildings were shown.

According to morristowngreen.com, both Morristown Medical Center and Vail Mansion made appearances in the promotional video, which was made to “stir enthusiasm” for a proposed jazz bar/restaurant on South Street.

But neither gave consent before the filming.

A Vail Mansion board member told morristowngreen.com she was “outraged” that the luxury condos were in the film and implied support of the proposed business.

The video has since been removed from the Internet, the report said.

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