Stick to New Years Resolutions Via Craigslist

Whether it's getting healthy or getting married, your neighbors have the wares there.

Happy 2013, friends! It's a new year and with that, a new opportunity to better ourselves in one of many ways.

Why not get started today? Let Craigslist help.

  1. Get Healthy: Kris is moving. Anyone that knows and likes Kris is probably bummed about this. But, at least Kris is selling an Omega-brand juicer first. Get healthy with some freshly-made juice. Pony up $99 first.
  2. Get Healthy (With the Kids): There are too many indoor distractions these days that it's beyond tempting to stay there, for dad and the kids (this is by no means a criticism of videogames, as regular readers should know). Pick up this Huffy-brand boys bike for junior for $10.
  3. See the World: While this 1979 Dodge Swinger (oh, behave) RV has been listed since early December, it's still worth a shot to find out if it's still available. If it is, perhaps you'll have some leverage in negotiating the $4,200 asking price.
  4. Get Married: Have you been planning this for years but have yet to finally commit? Maybe 2013 is your year. And, what do we have here? A set of 12 wedding favor parasols for the magical day! For $49 that's at least one major expense you can check off that extensive list.
  5. Have More Fun for Just $20: Just remember, do not taunt Jumbo Fun Ball.


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