Yelp's Top 9 Baked Goods Shops In and Near Morris Township and Morris Plains: Do You Agree?

Looking for bread, pastries or cake this weekend? Here's how area baked good purveyors were ranked by Yelp users.

If I'd known you were coming I'd have bought a cake. Patch File Photo
If I'd known you were coming I'd have bought a cake. Patch File Photo
When you're looking for the perfect cupcake or tartlet on the weekend, sometimes it helps to see what others have to say.

Here's the top nine bakery and baked goods-related shops in and near Morris Plains and Morris Township in descending order, according to Yelp and its highest star rating. 

Are the Yelp critiques on the mark? What's your favorite place in the vicnity to get baked treats? Tell us more in the comments!

(And if you'd like to share pics of particulary eye-catching bagels, baguettes, cakes, cookies and such and do your own reviews on Patch, go for it—we'd love to read them!)

9. JC's Italian Bakery (Parsippany)
8. Mara's Desserts & Coffee (Morris Plains)
7. Fairchild Market & Bakery (Morris Plains)
6. Sweet Lucy's Bakery (Morristown)
5. Swiss Chalet Bakery (Morristown)
4. Woodland Bakery (Chatham)
3. Atlanta Bread Company (Morris Plains)
2. Crowley Cupcakes (Madison)
1. The Artist Baker (Morristown)


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