New Jersey Author and Tax Specialist Discusses Living A Frugal Lifestyle On Regional Television and In National Finance Publication

-Why Frugal Is The New Sexy - 

Fairfield, New Jersey – Brenda Hendrickson, CSA, author of How To Be A Frugal Millionaire: Eight Simple Steps to Creating Personal Wealth,www.brendahendricksoncsa.com recently spoke with WNYJ Television and was published in ExpertBeacon where she discussed how one can save money for his or herself and for the entire family.

The interview which aired on WNYJ's "Community Impact" can be seen here. To read "Teach your kids about money and how to budget, spend, and save," click here.

WNYJ is New York's first independent, non commercial television station for globally-minded viewers. Serving the greater New York metropolitan area with diverse, international programming 24 hours a day. ExpertBeacon was created to be the trusted destination, accessible from any device, that provides actionable expert advice.

Brenda is a published author, a tax specialist, a Quick Books pro, an advisor, the owner of an accounting firm and a certified senior advisor (CSA) with a Certificate in Financial Planning.  Since the book was first published,  she has held numerous book signings and is a keynote speaker at organizations, associations and colleges.  She has received testimonials on how her strategies have enabled her readership to accumulate wealth. To learn more about Brenda, go to: www.profnetconnect.com/brendahendrickson

The CSA designation was created to meet a unique need in the marketplace – knowledge about the health, social and financial issues of aging that are important to the majority of seniors, so that professionals who serve seniors can do so in a more competent, ethical and effective manner.



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