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5 Things You Need to Know Because the World's Still Here

Morris Township, Morris Plains continue to exist. Patch continues to report.

Well, the end of the world didn't arrive quite on schedule, and it looks like Morris Township and Morris Plains (along with the rest of the Earth) are still around.

At least, we think it does. We pre-set this article before the weekend, figuring if we were wrong, no one would ever know.

But if you're reading this, chances are the Rapture hasn't quite occurred just yet. So what's there to do if the continuation of life as usual didn't fit into your plans? What if you spent the last few weeks getting ready for a Judgement Day that's actually a bit further off on the calendar?

You Need to Know What to Do With All Those Canned Goods: You might have stocked up for the End of Days, but since the days have yet to end, you've got to figure out what to do with all those supplies. Fortunately, canned goods remain useful to the . Among the items it's seeking, according to its most recent needs list: low-salt canned vegetables; macaroni and cheese; dry beans, canned (pinto, red, white, black and pork and beans); canned fruit (low-sugar, or lite syrup); Parmalat (shelf stable, 32 oz. size); dry milk (individual packets); Hearty soups and low-salt soups; brown and white rice (1- and 2-pound bags); canned fish (tuna, sardines); and tea. See here for more information.

You Need to Know Where to Turn for Answers: If End-of-the-World evangelist Harold Camping isn't your preferred spiritual adviser, you might want to turn to the religious institutions we've got right in town for guidance instead. Browse through our Places pages for churches, temples and other institutions. Among the one's you'll find: , , , , , . They just might have the answers you seek.

You Need to Know How to Plan for the Future You Apparently Have After All: Admit it. You figured with the Rapture coming, the last thing anyone should worry about is a variable interest rate. So if you spent the last few weeks on a spending spree, wracking up a ton of debt on those credit cards of yours, it might be time to look for a little financial advice. In town, we've got  as well as a number of banks that we're sure would love to help you out. Because as everyone knows, debt can really be hell.

You Need to Know That the Future is Worth Planning: Didn't bother to fill in your calendar for the end of May and beyond? Then take a quick look at these upcoming events: , today at 4 p.m.; tonight's board of adjustment meetings in  and ; ;  on Wednesday; and the . Of course, there's plenty more going on, so check out our full events calendar.

You Need to Know We Want to Hear About How Your Last-Day-On-Earth Plans Went: So, did you spend the day in quiet contemplation? Did you party with friends? Did you put "It's the End of the World As We Know It" on repeat on your car radio all day? Share your May 21 tale with Morris Township-Morris Plains editor Kathy Shaskan at Kathy.Shaskan@Patch.com, and we'll try and find a place for it on the site. Got pictures? Even better—send 'em along.


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