Top Area Stories for November

Stories included an insider trading scam allegedly involving Morris Plains men and Hurricane Sandy.

Insider Trading Scam Allegedly Involved Morris Plains Men

Three Morris Plains men have been charged, along with three others, in a $1.4 million insider trading operation that lasted nearly five years, U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman announced Monday.

'No Estimate' for Morris Train Service Restoration

New Jersey Transit spokesman John Durso, Jr. has no estimate for when rail service along the Morris and Essex line will resume.

Power Outages Continue to Drop in Morristown Area

If you're reading this from your repowered home, we're happy for you. If you're reading from a Smartphone currently being charged at one of several available charging stations in the area, we feel for you.

The good news: There's gas to be found at stations with power in and around Morristown. The bad news: Be prepared to wait. A long time.

A lot of people are still without power. And, a lot of people are not too happy about it.

As of Tuesday night, 350 votes separated GOP incumbent Bruce Sisler from Democrat challenger Ron Goldberg.

Whole Foods Coming to Morristown

Texas-based company announced they will move into space currently occupied by A&P on Washington Street sometime in 2014, 2015.

GOP Township Incumbents to be Challenged Tuesday

While Hurricane Sandy has dominated the headlines, on Tuesday, registered voters are being asked to switch their attention to who they would like to see elected both locally and naitonally.

Occupants of two vehicles needed to be rescued after live wires fell on Washington Street, which remains closed between Kahdena Road and Western Avenue; in a separate incident, a bucket truck ran into lines near the Morris County Courthouse.


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