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Weight Lift for Charity

Diabetes group sponsors fund-raiser

The F.A.C.T Foundation for Diabetes will hold a bench-lift competition on Saturday, April 28 at 1 p.m. at Morris Hills High School in Rockaway to raise funds toward  finding a cure for diabetes and supporting local under-insured or uninsured diabetics in need of financial assistance for their medical supplies.

“I am thrilled that both Lusardi’s Health & Training Center and Morris Hills High School have jumped on board with us for this,” says William Sisca, president and founder of the F.A.C.T Foundation. “It’s really amazing what people can do when they come together to work as a team.”

Kessler Rehabilitation Center physical therapists will be leading a pre- and post-event stretch for the participants, and will also be raffling off Yankee tickets. F.A.C.T Foundation Awareness Gear will also be available for sale the day of the event.

The competition will be split into age/weight groups to be fair. Spectators are welcome for an admission price of $5.

The cost to compete is $10, and can be done by emailing the F.A.C.T Foundation at wsisca@factfoundation.net or by calling (973) 786-3095. The top 3 winners will receive an honorary medal & certificate, along with F.A.C.T Foundation Awareness Gear.


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