Thoughts about the State of the Union Speech

Joe and Jan's thoughts about the State of the Union speech

In his speech, the president ticked off a lot of new initiatives that have to be digested.

For example, the pre-school initiative was curious to me, and I couldn’t quite determine where he was coming from on that issue  (except to, perhaps placate and expand the NEA?). I did laud his trade school-high school initiatives, however.  Germany has been doing this for decades and it has paid off.  Too many kids are striving for college who aren’t suited to an academic career, though would be successful if they began with practical life experience through a technical high school.  There are not enough of these in the U.S. and it would allow trades to flourish again and the manufacturing sector to expand. 

He closed with a very compelling case for better gun legislation.   Background checks do not stop 2nd Amendment rights and that seems like a sensible thing to enforce and strengthen. 

I was glad to hear about the down-regulating of the war machine in far off places.  I think most of the country wants the focus on our domestic agenda. Infrastructure repairs, coupled with innovative manufacturing centers, combined with an emphasis on technical training programs, would bring many jobs for now and in the future.  

What still surprises me about this president is the quantity and quality of his creativity.  His ideas seemed boundless. He still is focused. He is still hopeful.  He uplifts and encourages with his vision of a better America. I hope he can convince the ‘party of no’ to stop being so recalcitrant and put more of their energies into helping the economy grow instead of putting so much energy into wanting to see this president fail.  When his ideas fail, many of us also fail.  When these ideas move us forward, we all move forward. 

I think the country is ready to embrace a more positive attitude as was outlined by these noble, and I daresay, lofty ideas.  The budget is important, yes – but, if you don’t have a vision of what the priorities are in the budget, then, the numbers are always going to be askew.  

Much less compelling was Marc Rubio’s response. As the most interesting national GOP on the radar, his speech was disappointingly banal. It sounded as if it had been prepared weeks in advance of the State of the Union and just ticked-off a lot of GOP hyperbole—i.e., big government, more taxes, etc., without addressing any specific items in detail. (Where were these budget hawks when Bush spent over a trillion dollars on a war against a country under false pretenses?)  Furthermore, they seem to be best at complaining, but lack creative initiatives of their own.  I read the text of Rand Paul’s tea party response and it pretty much echoed what Rubio said.

On a fashion note, the first lady looked as if she’d just come from one of the inauguration parties.  Her bare arms looked cold being unadorned.  A tailored jacketed dress would seem more fitting. But who am I to judge?

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The Stig February 18, 2013 at 04:02 AM
Enough already. You two clowns are crushing my mailbox with your never-ending LV Death Match over NOTHING. Can either of you remember what the topic was??
Michael February 18, 2013 at 05:33 AM
Kevin, the reason we republicans are frustrated is not because we don't want to pay for services we receive, we just don't want to over pay for those services we receive. For 50 years Democrats have come up with new ways to buy voters, first you have to put people into classifications, then pit those classes against each other, Rich against Poor, White against Black, Union against Private sector, Women against Men, Earth against humans, etc. etc. and in some magical way, it all requires money to be extracted from someone, especially those whom need it the most, the rich don't give a crap about government, they can just leave the country or make their own. Democrats are the worst offenders when it comes to paying their fair share, they take from others, give themselves a salary, and pass through whats left to make it look like it came from them, that is why the Democrats don't want us to become rich, we wouldn't need them. True republicans understand this, not the fake republicans like we have seen the last 20 years. The Dem. party was first to be taken over by the Socialists, and slowly those Socialists have taken control of the Republican party, I mean think about it, how hard is it for a Lib to file that he is a Republican? The Tea Party is laughed at by media and both parties, but they are true republicans who want equality, but character assassination is a very powerful tool the Dems use effectively. I see no hope for where this ends, Rome is falling all over again.
Michael February 18, 2013 at 05:49 AM
even if you are correct when it comes to the current cost of education, we all know it should not cost so much to teach our children, other countries are doing far better a job with far less money to do so, but Dems need the votes of the teachers, police, fire, postal service, and all the classes they bunch us into to keep in power, and that is where your math is all wrong, I don't want to pay for education when only a quarter of what I am spending is really going towards it, I don't want to spend thousands on police and fire protection when only a hundred actually goes towards safety, etc. etc. and I certainly don't want to pay $30,000 a year for healthcare to be told I can't get a certain test done because juan went to the emergency room for a cold, and his services were paid for by the government who took it from me to begin with, just so they can get voted back into offices.
VietNam Vet February 18, 2013 at 08:00 AM
The writer here Joe is just a dumb hack who wouldn't know a good story or a good President if he came and slapped him in the head. He has his nose so far up Odummer's butt, it'll turn brown if he stops short to tie his shoes, if he knew how. Odummer has only told a few more dozen lies again as usual.


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