Accused Bully Faces New Charges, Stern Prosecution

Michael Conway's PTI request postponed after being charged with possession of a weapon, drug paraphernalia over the weekend in Morristown.

A 19-year-old– on charges of falsifying statements to authorities regarding an alleged bullying incident of a freshman who later –will be "aggressively prosecuted" if accusations he was in possession of a weapon and drug paraphernalia over the weekend are proven true, the Morris County Prosecutor said.

Michael Conway, who is accused of trying to cover up his involvement in a bullying incident of 15-year-old Lennon Baldwin, , was arrested again on Saturday.

Conway, J'Money Wright Baxter, Marcus Liles and an unnamed juvenile were charged with possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, unlawful possession of a weapon and possession of drug paraphernalia.

A BB gun was found in the backseat of Conway's car, Morris County Assistant Prosecutor Samantha DeNegri said during his Pre-Trial Intervention hearing Monday morning.

Prosecutor Robert A. Bianchi said in a statement Monday afternoon his office is taking the latest charges very seriously.

“We of course are very concerned about the new allegations against Michael Conway and J'Money Wright Baxter," Bianchi said. "If these allegations are proven, we are of heightened concern with regard to the escalating criminal behavior that is alleged with these charges."

The drug paraphernalia was a "separation gin" used for removing twigs and seeds from marijuana, according to an NJ.com article. The complaint described the weapons as an "imitation firearm" and an "air gun" and said the weapons were pointed at someone named "F.C," according to the article.

As a result of the arrest, DeNegri said the county was prepared to deny Conway's request for PTI, but agreed to an adjournment until Aug. 27 in order to review the case.

Conway  regarding an incident in the  parking garage where Baldwin was robbed by two other students and told it was payback for one of them getting suspended after they had assaulted him at the high school. Baldwin killed himself in his home on March 28.

The two others, whose identities have not been made public in connection to the case because of their ages at the time of the incidents, .

"Unlike juvenile matters, Mr. Conway is an adult and unlike the juvenile justice system where rehabilitation of the juvenile is the primary mission, in adult court deterrence and punishment will prevail," Bianchi said. "We will also evaluate the new charges against J'Money Wright Baxter, Marcus Liles and a juvenile who were arrested along with Mr. Conway.

"If the charges are proven against Mr. Conway it will clearly demonstrate that he has not heeded our message in the Baldwin matter and th[at] he is not fit for PTI or further effort toward rehabilitation and will be aggressively prosecuted."

Jayme Siegel Harvey August 08, 2012 at 03:24 AM
We send our children to Morristown High School because not only do they get a fine education from teachers who care about their students, and not only do they have the opportunity to participate in a myriad of extra-curricular activities and choose from something like 20 AP classes or create their own independent study, but..they also are exposed to a community that resembles the real world. That said, my child has had no involvement with these children--why would he? He is not seeking them out and they are not seeking him out. While you may think that the gangs are roaming the halls and throttling kids left and right, this could not be farther from the truth. If you want to see something truly remarkable, You should stop by the MHS library before school or during lunch--it is bustling with activity and all types of students are there, from the brainiacs to the kids who need some help with an assignment, to kids who are just looking to find a place to be. it is a wonderful assortment of students. And one last comment No 5 star jails...you might want to consider who the true riff-raff is. Perhaps it is the person who thinks of everyone else as idiots if they don't look like him or name their children with names that are acceptable to him. They also might just be living in the $1m home. We all have our definition of riff-raff...
Debra Gottsleben August 08, 2012 at 06:09 PM
Jayme thanks for the nice words about the MHS Library!
No five star jail August 11, 2012 at 11:04 PM
Jayme- I have spent plenty of time in a world far more real than the motown high school library. Name your child anything you like, name him j'money and I am pretty sure he is not coming up with the cure for cancer. If my opinion makes me not a liberal whose isolated existence has made me "open minded"- guilty as charged and proud of it.
No five star jail August 11, 2012 at 11:11 PM
As a point of clarification- if you give your child a moronic name, and by moronic, I don't mean a reflection of your race, culture or heritage, than you are likely a moron yourself and genetics and environment being what they are, probably are not going to turn out a well rounded asset to humanity.
Liz August 12, 2012 at 12:57 AM


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