Accused Rapists Defense Wants Clients to Stay in Family Court

Action to determine if two men will be tried as adults for alleged sexual assault could occur in November.

A hearing to determine if two Morristown men currently in family court will be tried as adults for an alleged sexual assault of a teenage girl has been adjourned until early November.

Morris County Superior Court Family Division Judge Michael Paul Wright on Tuesday set a conference call among the attorneys for Nov. 2 to determine if prosecutors will be willing to drop a request for the two men—who were 17 in September 2011, when they and 19-year-old Tyrec Philips, also of Morristown, are accused of having sexually assaulting a girl after having given something to drink that made her fall in and out of consciousness—to be tried as adults.

The two men in family court have not been named because of their ages at the time of the alleged incident.

If convicted as adults, the men could face up to 20 years in prison, compared to the maximum juvenile sentence of four years.

The judge said if no agreement is reached, he would schedule a hearing for either Nov. 5 or Nov. 9. In the meantime, Morris County Assistant Prosecutor Samantha DeNegri and defense attorneys Randy Davenport and  Dean Magliore will continue talking.

The two men, now 18, remain in the Morris County Juvenile Detention  Center while their trial status is determined. Their parents and attorneys have lobbied unsuccessfully on several occasions for them to be released to house arrest. Philips, the only adult at the time of the alleged incident, .

the Mayor's Patch October 17, 2012 at 03:21 PM
Dunphy what happened to the Iron Bar article? It was posted yesterday and it has already disappeared? All the posters on this site are complaining that you are one sided in your writing. It does seem as though you are working for the Mayor. All of the comments on that article were negative towards the mayor and his good friend the owner of Iron Bar. Why are you hiding this article and all of the comments?
John Dunphy October 17, 2012 at 03:29 PM
Shotbaker1980 October 19, 2012 at 08:44 PM
You idiot. "What happened to the Iron Bar article? It was posted yesterday and it has already disappeared?" This is a story about a TEENAGE GIRL allegedly getting RAPED. WHY ARE YOU USING IT TO COMPLAIN ABOUT WHETHER OR NOT ANOTHER STUPID BAR IS OPENING IN TOWN! Anyone selfish and shameless enough to use a story like this--a story about a young girl being SEXUALLY ASSAULTED--to post a MORONIC allegation that the mayor and a bar-owner are involved in some kind of top-secret bar-opening conspiracy would HAVE to be a greedy, low-class bar-owner or bartender. No one else would be this nasty. And as far as a BAR opening in town? Personally, I wouldn't mind if every bar in town was shut down and the people who worked in them had to find a REAL job.


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