James Bond Gang Similarities Seen in Recent Spree

Current band of thieves burglarizing North Jersey homes follow same pattern as infamous group.

They've been caught on a home security video wearing masks breaking into a Chatham residence and an apparent getaway car—a silver Porsche with New York license plates—was spotted in Parsippany last week.

But the band of thieves who are believed to be responsible for numerous high-end residential burglaries throughout North Jersey, including in Morris and Somerset counties, continue to elude authorities.

The burglary ring shares similar characteristics to the James Bond Gang, the band of thieves known for their exotic getaway cars and sophisticated style. However, the current thieves are not believed to be part of the infamous group.

Authorities from several municipalities where the thieves have struck met this week with members of the Morris County Prosecutor's Office to discuss tactics to halt the burglary string.

"This is much bigger than I think any of us knew," Mendham Borough Police Chief Pat Libertino said. "The prosecutor sent two investigators and an assistant prosecutor to talk to us, so they are serious about this."

Burglaries have been reported in Chatham, Harding, Mendham Borough, Morris Township, Parsippany and Randolph as well as in Somerset County in Bridgewater, Warren and the Somerset Hills area.

Four thieves wearing masks were seen on video surveillance forcing open the front door of Chatham Township home earlier this month while the residents were away. The burglars disabled the home's security system and made off with jewelry and an expensive pocketbook, according to CBS2.

A silver Porsche with New York license plates was seen last Friday near a Parsippany home burglary.

"We have found similarities between this incident and burglaries in other parts of the region," Parsippany Police Chief Anthony DeZenzo said.

Mendham Borough Police warned residents earlier this month to lock their doors after a series of burglaries occurred in that community.

Bernardsville Police Chief Kevin Valentine issued a warning of his own to residents after two recent residential burglaries in the northern Somerset County community.

"The fact is that since the beginning of the year there has been a significant increase in reported burglaries throughout Morris and Somerset counties," Valentine said.

Valentine warned residents of the community's close proximity to interstates 287 and 78, making nearby homes an easy target for the thieves to get a quick getaway.

Morris Township Capt. Rich Ferrone said burglaries likely the work of the same gang occurred along the I-287 corridor in that community this summer.

The gang was likely also responsible for up to eight of Harding's 12 burglaries this year, according to the Observer~Tribune.

Several members of the original James Bond Gang with ties to Teaneck and Englewood were nabbed last year following a high-speed chase in Sparta.

Shutting down the current gang's operation will take time, Mendham Borough's police chief said.

"In my opinion," Libertino said, "I expect to see things get worse before they get better."

Jeepguy October 19, 2012 at 01:36 PM
It's pretty sad that I see the same exact posts on police articles. This is an article about scum-bags entering our homes and taking our hard-earned valuables and this article contains nothing but complaints about the "predatory" cops who harass the innocent. Think our anger is misplaced a bit. Oh no! You got a parking ticket?? Don't park there!! The fact that you got TWO of them just shows that you were dumb TWICE! You got a speeding ticket? SLOW DOWN! You're not stopped and ticketed so the officer can build revenue for the town. The cop doesn't get a commission. No bonus is awarded for the most tickets in a month. You are stopped because you were doing something wrong. Stop doing it!! As far as catching burglars.... I actually think common sense and vigilance is more effective than cops driving around. Lock your doors. I have read in these articles that the cars that are stolen have the keys inside the car. If you see a strange car in front of your neighbors house, call the police or at the very least, write down a license plate number. Set your alarm... turn on your lights... stop mail and newspaper delivery when you're out of town... and (this one I see so many times) STOP POSTING ON NETWORK SITES ABOUT YOUR UPCOMING VACATION!!!! Common sense will keep you from being a victim of a crime AND those "predatory" cops!!
Sister Golden Hair October 19, 2012 at 05:27 PM
NJProud October 19, 2012 at 08:24 PM
Sounds like a lot of people that respond to these articles are missing the point and are using it as a sounding board to complain about the police who are only doing their jobs. As jeepguy said, maybe you shouldn't have parked in the no parking zone or maybe you should slow down. As far as the police being required to live in the town they work in?? give me a break, do you know how much a house in Chester or Mendham cost? yeah the police do make a good salary in those areas, but still not enough to live in those towns. I think it is a good thing they are getting the information out to us so we can be aware of what is going on. Lets just be smart about it so we can possibly help the police catch these scum bags so all we do have to worry about is slowing down, not talking on our phones while driving and parking where we are supposed to. p.s. firearms in the hands of law abiding citizens in their own homes are a good thing, let a couple of these pieces of sh*# get a lead enema and we will see the burglary rates decline around here.
Action Jackson October 20, 2012 at 12:41 AM
Posse time. Catch these worthless dirtbags...beat them unconsious. We need to take back America.
Joeysguy October 20, 2012 at 12:56 PM
If they break into your home and you shoot one, if he lives he will probably sue you. If you kill him make sure he has a weapon or you probably will go to jail for murder.


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