Nas Sued for $10M After Concert Promoter Detained

AllGood Concerts CEO and son were trapped in Angola for 49 days because rapper was a no-show.

The Morris Township concert promoter who was trapped in Angola for 49 days on fraud accusations after rapper Nas didn't appear for a series of New Year's Eve shows has filed a $10 million lawsuit against the performer, according to a TMZ report.

Patrick Allocco, CEO of AllGood Concerts, a division of AllGood Entertainment and his son, Patrick Jr. were held in Angola for more than a month starting on New Year's Eve on fraud accusations. The two were released Feb. 17 after their travel ban was lifted and American embassy officials escorted them on a flight out of the country.

According to the lawsuit filed Friday, Allocco claims to have been beaten and threatened by Angolan promoters while held in the country, according to the article. As a result of being held, Allocco claims to have lost his home and business, according to the article.

The Alloccos went through a 49-day ordeal which began when Nas and opening act Jeremiah Jai failed to show up for a pair of New Year's Eve weekend concerts in Luanda, Angola's capital.

Local concert promoter Henrique “Riquhino” Miguel had wired Allocco $300,000 to secure Nas. Miguel became enraged when Nas was a no-show, which led to the Alloccos' arrest and hours-long interrogation by Angolan authorities before U.S. Embassy officials stepped in and brought the pair to a Luanda hotel.

Though Nas returned the money, Allocco said the Angolan concert promoter .

The pair faced trouble during their stay, including a pair of rebuffs by the embassy for refuge, a fight between the younger Allocco and locals and, according to a post on the "Free the Alloccos" Facebook page, a depletation of funds.

In an MTV News interview in March, Nas said Allocco didn't arrange for the rapper's basics—a travel visa and return tickets—so he skipped the event, and instead performed at NBA star Lebron James' party in Miami.


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