Rapes Rise, Burglaries Drop in Twp., Report Shows

Latest Uniform Crime Report also reveals increase in larceny, motor vehicle thefts in Morris Plains from previous year.

While reported non-violent and violent crimes fell overall in Morris Plains in 2011 versus 2010, the township saw upticks in several categories, according to the latest Uniform Crime Report.

The report, released last week by the Department of Law & Public Safety, noted overall crime in New Jersey rose 3 percent from 2010 to 2011, but violent crimes had remained the same.

While Morris Township did see violent crime—classified as murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault—drop in reported robberies and aggravated assaults, two rape incidents were reported there in 2011, versus one in 2010.

No murders were reported in either year for both Morris Township and Morris Plains, according to the report.

Non-violent crimes saw drops across the board in Morris Plains except in reported motor vehicles thefts, up three from zero. Reported burglaries dropped in Morris Township, from 50 to 33, but other non-violent crimes saw increases, including more than double the reported larcenies as well as one report of arson in 2011.

The report also notes how the number of police officers in each town changed year over year. Both Morris Township and Morris Plains—classified "suburban" and with populations of 22,306 and 5,532, respectively—lost several cops between 2010 and 2011. In Morris Township, that loss came only from "civilian" police officers, from eight to four, bringing their total number of officers from 48 to 44. Morris Plains lost two fulltime officers and one civilian cop, bringing their numbers to 15 from 18.

Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa said in a news release about the state report, "the factors that influence crime trends are complex and interwoven" and law enforcement "remain committed to working harder and smarter to combat crime and protect New Jersey citizens during what remains a tough economic time for much of our state and our nation.”

Morris Township

2010 2011 Crime Index Total 133 183 Violent Crime 19 10 Non-Violent Crime 114 173 Crime Rate Per 1,000 6.0 8.2 Violent Crime Rate Per 1,000 0.9 0.4 Nonviolent Crime Rate Per 1,000 5.1 7.8 Violent Crime Murder 0 0 Rape 1 2 Robbery 3 2 Aggravated Assault 15 6 Nonviolent Crime Burglary 50 33 Larceny 60 129 Motor Vehicle Theft 4 11 Arson 0 1

Morris Plains

2010 2011 Crime Index Total 92 79 Violent Crime 5 3 Non-Violent Crime 87 76 Crime Rate Per 1,000 16.6 14.3 Violent Crime Rate Per 1,000 0.9 0.5 Nonviolent Crime Rate Per 1,000 15.7 13.7 Violent Crime Murder 0 0 Rape 1 1 Robbery 2 1 Aggravated Assault 2 1 Nonviolent Crime Burglary 15 9 Larceny 72 64 Motor Vehicle Theft 0 3 Arson 0 0


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