Students Charged With Assault in Morristown High School Brawl

Multiple arrests made six days after Feb. 19 lunchtime incident, police say.

A lunchtime brawl at Morristown High School last month seemed to be more than meets the eye, as records released Monday by the police department show multiple arrests were made. 

At least two students – a male and female – were arrested and charged with simple assault stemming from the fight, according to a police report obtained by Morristown Patch.

Malik Liles, 18, a student at the high school, was arrested and processed six days after the fight, on Feb. 25 at police headquarters, and charged with simple assault. He was released on his own recognizance. Another student at the school, 18-year-old Jasmine Kennedy, was also arrested that day and charged with the same. She was released later that day.

No arrests were made on the day of the fight and about five students were involved. Police did not report the use of any weapons in the Feb. 19 incident.

Under an Open Public Records Act request as filed by Patch, some information regarding juveniles cannot be released to the public. According to Lt. Stuart Greer, another report was filed stemming from the incident, but included the information of a juvenile, and could not be released.

Several officers were required to respond to the high school and students were required to stay inside classrooms for the duration of the investigation.

Editor's note: An inaccuracy on the police report stated the arrests were made on Feb. 19 and was reported as such in the original version of this article.

FunkyMotown March 06, 2014 at 10:16 AM
Why do people think that the recent news stories and violent reports from MHS reflect a BRAND NEW issue? Not much has changed from 10-15 years ago, besides the increased coverage and interaction occurring via media/social media. There were brawls, knife-fights, and drug-peddling back then too! I would venture a guess to say similar events occurred even earlier in history also. @I Plead the 2nd - This news story does not signify "what the bleeding heart liberals have done to this country"; you've clearly been influenced by the teabagger mentality. Maybe kids are not as tough and self-confident as past generations...but I believe that is primarily due to weak and insecure parenting, perhaps by those same past generations. This story signifies what Ridgewood320 says: MHS, like the real world is a wonderful place, but of course "a few bad apples"... Obviously, without knowing details, it's tough to comment on a 14 yr old boy threatening a girl with a knife and a lit lighter in a classroom. This is the only mention of these details I've even read. Was this during an actual class period, with a teacher witness, who probably called the administrators/police? I'd be interested to see the # of MHS students arrested each year, over the past decade or so? Also, I think metal detectors are over the top...I remember when I originally thought mandatory Student IDs required to be worn at all times were over the top too (I am more understanding of the IDs now).
Ken Schwartz March 06, 2014 at 11:02 AM
Yes, it happened in class. Yes, teacher was present. It only takes seconds to threaten or harm a child with a knife or worse. Who would've imagine the airport security we now have? High school violence is a national problem and it's happening right here, right in our backyard and administrators (BOE) or higher are doing nothing about it. Yes, liberals have taken many tools away from principals and teachers. So, nothing can be done to PREVENT violence. The best that can be done, in the current situation, are actions taken after violence including arrests, expensive out-of-district placements and convictions. Why not spend the money proactively and prevent weapons AND drugs from entering the school completely? Isn't that what we want for all our children??? A drug-free and weapon-free, safe and secure Morristown High? Until detectors and searches are done daily, we're gambling with our children the way we wouldn't gamble with ourselves boarding a plane, entering a courthouse or entering a NYC high rise.


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