Communication on Ginty Pool Repairs Lacking from Officials, Resident Says

Mayor's meeting recap a step in the right direction, but still not detailed enough.

Ginty Pool. Patch File Photo.
Ginty Pool. Patch File Photo.

Dear Editor,

Kudos to the Township Committee for working to improve communication with Morris Township residents. The updated website, for example, includes many improvements.  I especially like the notification feature. You can sign up to have stuff sent to you that you’re interested in – like news alerts, the Messenger (the Township’s newsletter) and meeting agendas.  The info you request arrives in your email.  You don’t have to remember to search for it. I like that. A lot.

When I received Mayor Sisler’s email recap of the Jan. 22 Township Committee meeting that was sent to anyone who signed up for the Messenger, my first thought was “Great idea! Another step forward in improving communication.” 

As I read Mayor Sisler’s summary, I was struck by something that stood out to me as a glaring omission: the news that the infrastructure repairs at Ginty Pool are being postponed until after this coming season. This means the water in Ginty Pool will continue to be extra (unseasonably) cold this summer because the cause of this problem – leaks in the infrastructure – won’t get fixed until later.  BURRRR!!! 

Apparently the monies previously approved for this project were insufficient to cover the work bids. So it’s back to the drawing board for the pool repairs. 

Residents’ complaints about the exceptionally cold water are likely to continue.  What about the leaks themselves? Aren’t they likely to get bigger and more expensive to repair over time? And what happens to all that chlorinated water that leaks out of the pool? Where does it go? For me, this story – with all its certainties and questions – was the most memorable news of the meeting. 

Mayor Sisler’s recap doesn’t mention this story at all. The only way to know it is to have attended the meeting yourself. That’s because the Committee’s intention to postpone the infrastructure repairs only came out – reluctantly – in response to questions from one of the handful of people who were there.

I applaud Mayor Sisler’s efforts to share information with the public. His recap highlighted key agenda items. It’s obvious the Committee was not interested in publicizing the postponement of the pool repairs. It’s clear that many Morris Township residents – especially anyone who swims at Ginty Pool – would be interested to know this. To me, Mayor Sisler’s omission of this news is a glaring oversight. His recap reminds me of insights I learned as a literacy instructor: All writing reflects the selection choices of the writer. Especially summaries.  Communication includes what you say AND what you don’t say – BRRRRR!

The next Township Committee meeting is this Wednesday, Feb. 19 at 7 p.m. in the Municipal Center.  I’m not able to attend. But I will read Mayor Sisler’s summary if it arrives in my email. I hope I can trust that it won’t include any glaring omissions. 

Cathy Wilson
Morris Township


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