Historic Greystone Buildings to be Demolished Soon

$50 million project expected to level the buildings in a 'matter of months.'

The remaining structures on the Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital campus, including the historic Kirkbride building, will be demolished in a "matter of months."

Members of the state Department of Treasury informed Morris County officials Friday the buildings will soon be demolished, according to the Daily Record.

"This is a major coup for the people of Morris County,” Sen Joseph Pennacchio (R-Montville) told the Daily Record. “This means Morris County will get an additional 165 acres to go with the 300 acres of Greystone land already turned over, so people can enjoy it, in perpetuity."

Pennacchio and Sen. Anthony Bucco introduced a bill last year that would limit the sale of the remaining state-owned portions of Greystone only to Morris County to be used as open space.

While Morris Plains officials supported the bill, Parsippany unanimously passed a resolution against the bill.

Greystone has been a controversial issue since a decision to demolish the remaining buildings came with a $50 million price tag. The decision came after Gov. Chris Christie announced plans in late 2011 to remediate and convert Greystone Park in Parsippany. The park includes a sewage treatment plant, wetlands and the original psychiatric hospital, which closed in 2008.

The state's plan had been to demolish the rest of the buildings, despite receiving interest from private groups to redevelop the site.
Bonnie Arnold Haynes April 04, 2014 at 04:50 PM
I worked as an attendant in the medical/surgical ward of Greystone one summer. It was for long term mental patients who were also dying. Greystone was not perfect but in hindsight, it was utopia compared to what we do today.... which is nothing. that is a beautiful old buidling and should be made into a cultural center or some other common use, Today the mentally ill are homeless and we have nowhere that will give them heat, water, food, and a clean bed. The beds were clean, I changed them everyday.
louisemyrealtor April 06, 2014 at 02:00 PM
thank you Bonnie for stating the truth about the mentally ill in the USofA!! Greystone and thousands of other places were built to care for the ones who have/had a 'brain' illness - just like cancer and diabetes. Unfortunately, these places were soon filled with folks who didn't qualify as being 'mentally ill' and were just being 'warehoused' because the states didn't know what to do with them! As a result, those who were truly ill ended up living in 'squalor' in places where the medical staff could no longer care for them due to GROSS overcrowding. Ignorant folks need only go on line and research 'mental institutions' to see beautiful buildings that once housed our 'mentally ill' were shut down and created a huge influx of 'homelessness' into the communities. It's a FACT that more than 1/3 of those in jails/prisons are folks with mental illnesses who can't seek/get help otherwise. Often times, they are confined to 'solitary confinement' due to their irrational behavior because they stopped taking their meds and/or couldn't afford the meds due to doctors/pharmacies getting outrageous fees for meds that costs little on the dollar! We see today all the atrocities of folks who are killing others - blaming it on 'mental illness' - yet choosing to do nothing about it! Believe it or not, thousands and thousands of mentally ill folks have been buried without a 'grave stone' to identify who they were.... some of these grave sites have been demolished to build condos, etc... YUP! I pray the 'ghosts' continue to haunt the places where they lived and died without any dignity whatsoever!!!!
louisemyrealtor April 06, 2014 at 02:17 PM
Paul Wolsko... isn't it sad that you can't look up your grandmother to find out when/where she's buried? That's because records weren't important back then - some folks were actually buried in huge holes to save space... In the town where I reside (Marlboro, NJ) there was once a mental hospital as well.. shut down in the 90's after rich folks didn't like the patients roaming the streets of Marlboro. We are fortunate to have a grave yard - however, there are several graves with the name of "John Doe" because they didn't have the actual name of the person who died. I find that to be beyond sad in this day and age... Don't you?? BTW - Marlboro Hospital has been 'debated' over for years... I believe Monmouth County purchased it with the hopes of putting in parks,etc... What a shame that these beautiful buildings will be demolished as well... instead of keeping one up as a 'memorial' to those who died there and the doctors and staff who served them!
Greenday April 07, 2014 at 01:27 AM
My grandfather took my grandmother here as a patient after doctors couldn't diagnosis her mental illness....Being German immigrants, he didn't quite understand what was involved....The year was 1943 I believe. He found her in filthy conditions and removed her from her chamber of horror......The building looms eerily and evilly reminiscent of an Edgar Allan Poe tale of mystery and macabre, silently screaming of shrouded atrocities and shame......For those wishing to preserve it's "beauty" and it's "art" then do so as a macabre with its ghastly air and grim atmosphere and its torturous towers, for after all, as a macabre work, it most evilly is a symbol of death....
George Murphy April 13, 2014 at 10:07 PM
You'd have to fly pretty high if you wanted to scale this cuckoo's nest. We have Marlboro (closed for years, now) - eerie! Then there's the Devil's Tower in Alpine. Remember, also, the Nun's Story with Audrey Hepburn (1959)?


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