JCP&L: We're Making Morristown Service Better

Installs switches to help mitigate problems during outages.

JCP&L has completed what it called a "major milestone" in improving Morristown's underground electric network.

The company finished installing two new electrical switches, weighing about 500 pounds each, on Saturday.

The switches use new technology to help redirect power should outages occur, according to JCP&L.

“We are committed to continuous improvement of our infrastructure to deliver the quality service our customers expect and deserve,”  JCP&L President Don Lynch said in a statement from the company. “The switch replacements mark a significant accomplishment to improve the service reliability of the Morristown underground network.”

Morristown-area residents saw major outages during and after tropical storm Irene, and then the freak October snowstorm. In the case of Irene,  —leaving many without power for several days. Company officials as well as municipal workers struggled to get enough access to the area to restore service quickly.

Work will  begin this week to upgrade relays at the Morristown substation to
reduce the length of any future power outages, the company said in its statement.

According to JCP&L, the installation of the switches is just the latest in a series of improvements this year. JCP&L said that since February, it has sampled oil in the electrical underground network transformers and completed preventative maintenance on circuit breakers, added special animal guards on four circuits at the Morristown substation to prevent animal-related outages, trained employees  on electrical vault inspections and data collection to support effective preventative maintenance, training Morristown firefighters on the underground network, and installed another similar switch to the ones completed this week.

Judith May 02, 2012 at 07:46 PM
Perhaps JCP&L can now take a look at Denville's infrastructure. We were out for 12 days with both Irene and the October snowstorm! Judith Schleicher
CSS May 02, 2012 at 11:24 PM
I'm unclear on whether they have repaired/rebuilt the Ridgedale substation or not, that's not really clear in this story. If they have, what was done to prevent a repeat next time it floods? Still not seeing any tree cleanup since October around here either. Many tree branches still waiting to fall and cause another week-long outage. And part of the damaged area by the Loyola House of Retreats still has some saggy lines that aren't quite arranged in the little "spreaders" as they should be. Still sloppy it seems, and while it's nice that downtown might not blow up as often now, preventative tree trimming is not being done, which speaks volumes about what they didn't learn from the last two storms.
KMM May 03, 2012 at 01:20 AM
Frankly I think JCP&L did an excellent job during the last two events to get us all back on line. My concern is the number of trees I still see that need to come down. Unfortunately these trees are on personal property and I am wondering if the towns can put pressure on the homeowners to be a little more proactive in their maintenance.
Oldtimer May 03, 2012 at 02:15 AM
JCP&L should take a wander out to the Chester Twp area. The same pole and wires in the RT24/Parker Road area arc and catch on fire on a regular basis. And how would one explain 5, yes 5 poles in a row all falling into Rt 206 from the October snowstorm. The FirstEnergy linemen who came tro our aid from Ohio were absolutely amazed at the antique status of the infrastructure we have serving us.


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