Letter to the Editor: "Our Neighborhood is Prepared to Fight"

Local residents opposed to Villa Walsh building project.

The following "Letter to the Editor" was submitted on March 30.

"Villa Walsh has decided to build a 16,000 sq/ft athletic facility and large parking lot for its 250 students.   The placement of the facility will be located directly across the street from the residences on Western Avenue in an area that is, currently, completely wooded.  In 2008, Villa Walsh constructed large soccer fields next to the proposed location. The result of that demolition to the previously wooded and sloped property has caused considerable drainage problems, soil erosion and tree damage (many trees have fallen across Western Avenue and onto our properties). Now Villa Walsh is planning to further the expansion on this pristine and heavily wooded area with a large facility and 2 tiered parking lot .  Our neighborhood is concerned that this site as it has been proposed will devalue our homes and cause more environmental issues.  The concerns of our neighborhood are very similar to the Honeywell situation.   The plans for the Villa Walsh athletic complex was brought in front of the Morris Township planning board last Monday, March 21, and will continue to be heard on April 4th.  We would appreciate your coverage of this story and attendance at the planning meeting this coming Monday evening.  Our neighborhood is prepared to fight the location of the proposed site.  We welcome any questions that you have and the opportunity to discuss this issue further with you."

Frank and Tracy Saia
John and Jill Duff
Judy Clemente
Noah and Liz Szporn
Charlie and Jill Betzel
John and Tara Moroses
Jesse and Anne Heap
Karen Spitzner

Concerned Neighbors of Western Avenue and Rolling Hill Drive

(The following photo descriptions were also provided.)

"The first shows the present wooded bank of trees in front of our homes.  The red flag is where one of the light poles in the upper tier of the two tiered parking lot will be positioned.  The lower tier parking lot will be approximately 50 feet in front of the that.  The second picture is the aftermath of the previous construction project where the soccer fields are now located.  This was previously a fully wooded area. "


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