No Tax Hike Resolution OK'd by Freeholders

Flat tax would be first time since 1998, Freeholder Hank Lyon says.

The recently reshuffled Morris County Board of Chosen Freeholders has moved quickly on its first substantial piece of action, passing a resolution on a plan introduced just two weeks ago.

Six of the Freeholders approved a resolution to seek a goal of no increase in county taxes for the 2013 budget, according to a press release from Freeholders John Krickus and Hank Lyon.

Lyon, the budget committee chairman, presented the resolution to the board, saying “It’s important we give the taxpayers a break. We cannot freeze property taxes every year, but when we can we should freeze or cut property taxes,” according to the release.

If the resolution holds true, this would be the first year since 1998 taxes did not increase at the county level, the release said.

The framework to achieve a 0-percent tax increase is outlined in 22 steps, considered a “good starting point to achieve long term savings,” Freeholder Director Tom Mastrangelo said.

It was also noted by Freeholder John Scapicchio that the achievement of no tax increase would be accomplished through attrition and county employee layoffs are not part of the plan.

At the request of Freeholders Ann Grossi and John Cesaro, language was added to indicate the resolution was non-binding, the release said.

Freeholder Doug Cabana abstained from the vote.

Domino January 26, 2013 at 12:35 PM
Excellent point! It is amazing to see how much money is spent on this.
Joseph Keyes January 28, 2013 at 09:48 PM
Maybe the board should sit down with local and regional school boards and figure out how to really reduce taxes. Grover Norquist would approve.


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