Voting Contingency Plans Being Set Locally

Polling places could be moved, voters can still cast their ballot in person at county offices.

Oh, that's right. There's an election happening in less than a week.

With everything not related to Hurricane Sandy and its impacts pretty much taking a back seat this week, many probably weren't thinking about Election Day. As the community continues its recovery efforts, contingency plans are underway to make sure everyone can vote on Nov. 6.

In Morris Township, a contingency plan is underway to have voting stations ready to go on Tuesday.

Tim Quinn, the township's business administrator, noted voting booths can operate on batteries for up to 24 hours. Still, he said, it is preferred that they have full power, as well.

The township's Office of Emergency Management will provide generator power to voting locations still in the dark, Quinn said. As a backup, the township may consider moving polling locations without power to those that do have power. "But, that's secondary," he said. "Residents know where they have to go" so they will work to keep the locations where they normally are, he said.

"Obviously we're not focused on politics right now," Morristown Mayor Tim Dougherty said. He added that the town would be seeking information from the county as far as their plans.

Updated information, as available, will appear on the town website, Dougherty said.

If voters are not sure if they will be able to vote in their town come Tuesday, .


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