Five Interesting Things About Glenstal

Where did the Irish lads who visited Morris Plains come from?

The are from Glenstal, a Benedictine school like Delbarton.

1) Location, location, location

Glenstal is on 500 acres in County Limerick on the southwest coast of Ireland.

2) Former manor

It was the home of the Anglo-Irish Barrington family until the monks took over in 1927. There are 50 monks in the monastery now.

3) Besides the school. . .

The monks operate a dairy farm, milking about 80 cows. A monk manages the farm and there is one outside employee. The milk is processed locally.

4) If you want to visit

The monastery has a guesthouse and offers lectures, workshops and seminars.

5) And it means. . .

Glenstal means "the glen of the stallion."


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