Letter: Local Skaters Competed in Nationals

Members of a skating club at Mennen Arena had an eventful autumn.

This letter to the editor was written by Audrey Forman, a volunteer at the Skating Club of Morris.

On thin pieces of steel with little between them and the rock hard ice, two area skaters made it onto the national stage of figure skating at the 2011 National Solo Dance Championships in Colorado Springs World Arena, Colorado.

Kathleen Criss and Jessica Lim, who skate under the banner of the Skating Club of Morris based at in Morris Township, were invited to compete in this highly selective competition that ran from September 23-26, 2011.

In order to be invited to compete, you first must qualify. Out of the many that competed across the country, only 18 skaters qualify – 6 from each of the three sections; Eastern, Mid-West and, Pacific. It is those select 18 that are invited to this first-class event.

To gain this honor, these two dedicated teens participated in a series of qualifying competitions for skaters from the East Coast - from Maine to Florida.  As a result of their determination and beautiful skating, they both qualified for the National Solo Dance competition.

 Coached by Susie Kelley and Andrew Stroukoff, who competed together in the 1976 Olympics in Ice Dancing, Kathleen Criss of Chatham placed 6th in Gold Dance and Jessica Lim of Far Hills placed 4th in Bronze Dance.

The Skating Club of Morris is one of the larger clubs in the Eastern Section of the United States Figure Skating association and has a variety of programs for beginners through advanced skaters, from individual skating to the fastest growing discipline in the sport - Synchronized Skating.

For more information contact Jacqueline Palawasta, Director of Skating, at 973-326-7651.


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