Patch Picks: Five Non-Profits Making a Difference

A tip of the hat to Project Acorn, the Morris Minutemen and more.

It's time to salute a few of the many non-profit organizations in the area that are doing good things for our community. Their causes include preschool education, emergency medical services, food for those in need, reading assistance and helping local businesses to survive.

  • are an emergency medical services team that covers Morris Township and Morris Plains. This volunteer group has been serving the area since 1941. In addition to 24 hour EMS services, the Minutemen provide stand-bys and non-emergency transportation. The group had a banner year in 2010, winning the national Volunteer EMS Service of the Year award, while member Mark Wintle received the award for National Emergency Technician of the Year.
  • Project Acorn funds preschool education for the children of the working poor. Sixty-eight children are having their preschool educations funded for the 2010-2011 school year. They attend half-day preschool programs chosen by Project Acorn.
  • founded in 1994, provides groceries to Morris County families in need. The pantry is located in Morristown, while the warehouse/donation center is located in Morris Township. Though it was founded by local religious organizations, the Interfaith Food Pantry is non-denominational, accepting applications and providing food to anyone in need. The Pantry's clients are mostly low-income working families or older people who live on fixed incomes.
  •  of Morris Plains, founded in 1999, offers a unique form of assistance to children who struggle with reading. The program allows these children to read aloud to therapy dogs, whose friendly and non-judgemental demeanor helps them to gain confidence in their reading skills. The service is provided free of charge at schools and libraries.
  •  helps New Jersey's manufacturing companies to remain viable despite foreign competition. It uses government funding to assist small- and medium-size businesses with advice on plant layout, new product development, Lean Manufacturing, cost analysis, cash flow management, environmental compliance and many other issues that affect manufacturing firms. The group operates as private sector, non-profit entity.


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