George Leroy Hunter
George Leroy Hunter is a freelance photographer and a writer who resides in Morris County, New Jersey. Photography has been a life-long passion of his ever since he was given his first camera by a neighbor as a child.
Mr. Hunter did still photography and video work for stage and music productions during his school years but life took him in a few different directions career wise. He is no one trick pony. He has worked for many companies through the years including one of the biggest elevator companies in the world all the while keeping up with the latest photography trends from the film era to the digital age. Through the years he has experienced many things and learned that the art world can be a cold place and a photographer has to be like a well conditioned prize fighter. A photographer has to learn to bob and weave, work the ropes and roll with the punches that are thrown at him or her and when an opportunity presents itself, strike and leave an impression. What kind of impression? Well that's up to the viewing public to decide. He has a wide range of subjects in his portfolio and is capable of accomplishing various photography shoots. He considers the entire world his studio and the colors of the seasons as his palette. George Leroy Hunter's photography style is intuitive and adventurous and is a work in progress. His photography website URL is http://georgeleroyhunter.com/
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